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Ormax Media Pvt. Ltd.

Ormax Media was founded on July 28, 2008 by Vispy Doctor and Shailesh Kapoor as India's first specialised insights consulting firm for the Indian media & entertainment industry.

Over the last 15 years, we have pioneered the usage of various testing, tracking and forecasting-based tools, designed to achieve higher profitability in films, television, streaming, print, radio and other categories in the Indian media industry. More than 85 brands use our services to take critical business decisions related to investment, strategy, content, branding, marketing and distribution.

We are constantly innovating to introduce new tools and build knowledge that can help the Indian media & entertainment industry use consumer insights and data analytics to create businesses, brands, shows, films and campaigns that are both consumer-centric and profitable.

Check out the Insights section of this website for a flavour of our work. To know more about our tools for different media domains, and to connect with us, visit the Services section.

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