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Music is a domain that holds relevance to various sectors of the Indian media industry, be it films or television or radio or audio streaming platforms. Our music testing and tracking tools have been widely used since 2010, and are central to marketing and programming decisions being taken by several film studios, music channels and radio stations.

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Ormax Heartbeats

Weekly audience popularity track for Hindi songs. Since 2010, producers, music labels, radio stations and music channels have used Ormax Heartbeats to gauge audience response to new songs, helping them take informed programming and marketing decisions.

Music Testing

Testing audio or video songs using our proprietary methodology allows producers, music labels, music channels and radio stations to design their programming and marketing strategy. Available in customised versions for new and old songs.

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Music Insights

Worth of the words

Worth of the words

An analysis of the top 200 Hindi songs over the last decade reveals that there has been a resurgence of songs with meaningful lyrics

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